Dec 24th, 2016 Random Sabri 3 min read

It’s alreadyt time when you realize that you have to do something special. You have to decorate your room, you have to buy gifts and be very, very nice to other people. It is Christmas. The most wonderful time of the year. Už je čas, kedy si uvedomíš, že musíš spraviť niečo špeciálne. Musíš si ozdobiť izbu, musíš kúpiť darčeky a byť veľmi, veľmi milá…


Nov 26th, 2016 Books&Movies Sabri 4 min read

This story is about Angel and Michael Hosea. Everything started when Sarah was just a little girl and she lived with her mother in 1832. Her mother believed in God and she was women who loved her lover and daughter very much. But then some things had happened and Sarah was renamed. Her new name was Angel. Tento príbeh je o Anjele a Michaelovi Ozeovi….


Nov 19th, 2016 Random Sabri 5 min read

Godzone is Slovak evangelistic tour. This year they visited 6 Slovak and Czech cities: Poprad, Kosice, Zilina, Banska Bystrica, Bratislava and Prague-Czech. It was for 8th year and every year they change cities, music.. Theme of this year was NEW LEVEL. I was on Godzone tour for the first time and here is my experience.. Godzone je slovenské evanjelizačné turné. Tento rok navštívili 6 Slovenských a…


Nov 12th, 2016 Books&Movies Sabri 4 min read

Everyone around me have already seen Suicide squad. It is a new 2 hours long movie. It was in the cinemas in August 2016. It is Action, Adventure, Fantasy and Sci-Fi movie. I didn’t see it in cinema and after 2 months I watched it. Každý okolo mňa už videl Jednotka samovrahov. Je to dvojhodinový film. Bol v kinách v auguste 2016. Je to film…


Nov 5th, 2016 Books&Movies Sabri 2 min read

We got this book like mandatory reading to school from our Slovak class. So I had to read it. And here’s my opinion.. Dostali sme túto knihu ako povinné čítanie v škole zo slovenčiny. Tak som to musela čítať. A tu je môj názor.. Antigone was written by Sophocles in Athens many years ago. It was 442BC. It’s tragedy and Antigone has 5 acts on…


Oct 30th, 2016 Traveling Sabri 3 min read

I was in Scotland from 8th October to 16th October. We went from our school. We stopped in Czech Republic, Germany, Amsterdam. And we traveled by ferry to Newcastle. It was absolutely long trip, but nature in Scotland is AMAZING. Today, I prepared fotoreport for you.. Bola som v Škótsku od 8.10 do 16.10. Šli sme z našej školy. Zastavili sme v Česku, Nemecku, Amsterdame….


Oct 6th, 2016 Random Sabri 20 min read

I celebrated my birthday on 1st October. I felt like I had to write post about it. Like I have to talk with you about my gifts, cake, party.. So let’s go for it! Oslávila som moje narodiny 1.Októbra. Cítila som, že by som mala o tom napísať článok. Ako keby som mala s vami hovoriť o mojich darčekoch, koláči, party.. Tak poďme na to!…


Oct 1st, 2016 Beauty&Fashion Sabri 10 min read

Today I wanna share with you my make-up rutine. I don’t use make-up every day. It’s not good for your skin and it gets tired after some time. The other reason is that people would not know how I really am. But they are days when I want to look better and it’s like this.. Dnes chcem s vami zdieľať moju make-up rutinu. Nepoužívam make-up každý deň. Nie je to…


Sep 29th, 2016 Random Sabri 1 min read

Welcome on my blog! My name is Sabri and I’m 16 y.o. girl. I live in a little town in Slovak Republic. I’ve already had one blog, but I decided, that it’s time to start again. With new posts, stories.. I love traveling, music, movies, make-up and fashion. I think it’s a part of my identity. And I wanna share it all with you guys….