Nov 26th, 2016 Books&Movies Sabri 4 min read

This story is about Angel and Michael Hosea. Everything started when Sarah was just a little girl and she lived with her mother in 1832. Her mother believed in God and she was women who loved her lover and daughter very much. But then some things had happened and Sarah was renamed. Her new name was Angel. Tento príbeh je o Anjele a Michaelovi Ozeovi….


Nov 12th, 2016 Books&Movies Sabri 4 min read

Everyone around me have already seen Suicide squad. It is a new 2 hours long movie. It was in the cinemas in August 2016. It is Action, Adventure, Fantasy and Sci-Fi movie. I didn’t see it in cinema and after 2 months I watched it. Každý okolo mňa už videl Jednotka samovrahov. Je to dvojhodinový film. Bol v kinách v auguste 2016. Je to film…


Nov 5th, 2016 Books&Movies Sabri 2 min read

We got this book like mandatory reading to school from our Slovak class. So I had to read it. And here’s my opinion.. Dostali sme túto knihu ako povinné čítanie v škole zo slovenčiny. Tak som to musela čítať. A tu je môj názor.. Antigone was written by Sophocles in Athens many years ago. It was 442BC. It’s tragedy and Antigone has 5 acts on…